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Kent Neumann has been in the affordable housing and healthcare business for over 20 years.Mr. Neumann has served as underwriter’s counsel, purchaser’s counsel, bond counsel, lender’s counsel and borrower’s counsel  and  has  also  advised  issuers  and  other  clients  on  the  legal  and  financial aspects  of  a  wide  range  of  tax-exempt  and  taxable  financings  around  the  country.These  include publicly offered and privately placed financings using credit enhancement provided by FHA, Ginnie Mae, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the Federal Home Loan Bank, municipal bond insurance, bank letters of  credit,  insurance  company  guaranties,  as  well  as unrated  and/or  uncredit-enhanced bond  deals. Many  of  these  transactions  have  involved  multiple-tier  financings  utilizing  senior/subordinated  and other complex structures designed to achieve optimal efficiency and savings. These include “50% test” and cash-collateralized bonds as well as loans from Rural Development and HUD / FHA under various programs including 515, 538, 202, 221, 223, 236, 242, Section 8, HOPE VI, etc.

Mr. Neumann has been one of the most innovative attorneys in his field creating and developing many of  the  financial  structures  used  today  in  both  housing  and  healthcare  industries.  Many  of  these structures have created millions of dollars in savings while simultaneously providing efficiency in the execution. In addition, Mr. Neumann has a unique level of experience in and knowledge of cashflow modeling, rating agency requirements, credit enhancement programs, financial structures used today and other critical variables affecting bond financings.

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