Executive Director

National Leased Housing Association

Denise B. Muha serves as the Executive Director of the National Leased Housing Association  (NLHA),  a  post  she  has  held  since  1988.  The  National  Leased  Housing Association is a membership organization involved in the development, management and administration  of  federally  assisted  rental  housing  for  persons  of  low  and  moderate incomes.

In  addition  to  overseeing  the  day-to-day  operations  of  the  Association,  Ms.  Muha works with NLHA's 500 member organizations to formulate policy on issues impacting the assisted  multifamily  rental  housing  industry  and  represents  these  positions  before  HUD and Congress.

In  her  role  as  Executive  Director,  Muha  has  presented  testimony  to  various congressional  committees  including  the  Senate  Banking  Committee  and  the  House Financial Services Committee on numerous affordable housing issues.

Muha  was  a  key  player  in  the  development  of  landmark  housing  legislation  that addressed the preservation of over 1.5 million units of affordable housing developed under the Section 8 program. She recently was successful in encouraging Congress to pass and the President to enact legislation to thwart administrative burdens that reduce investment in low income rental housing.

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